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Coffee Latte - - High-quality reduced-fat coffee

Coffee Latte is a classic blend of espresso and milk. A high-quality coffee latte is slightly bitter, with a rich taste, from milky to coffeey, with distinct levels.  Coffee Latte is properly blended using 3 fine natural plant ingredients such as African Mango Extract, L-Carnitine and Guarana Extract. 3 + 1 fat-breaking formula, you can enjoy "slimming effect" with it, Coffee Latte makes you extremely satisfy both physically and mentally!


Slimming mechanism:

Using US high-tech formula, possesses multiple functions. Mainly help to promote metabolic rate of fat cells. Besides, Coffee Latte slimming coffee can help to burn fat in the body, reduce the absorption of excessive calories, and increase calories consumption to reduce fat accumulation! Most importantly, it can help to increase leptin in the body; leptin is a hormone associated with hunger signals. Studies have shown that leptin concentrations in overweight people are high. African mango supports leptin's ability to enter the brain, sending a signal that the stomach is full.


Increase leptin 》》Inhibit food intake  》》Reduce absorption of excess calories》》Accelerate fat metabolism rate  》》Prevent fat formation 》》A large amount of fat is broken down and eliminated from the body


The effects of Coffee Lattee:

- - Help control hunger                                              

- - Stimulate fat decomposition

- - Help suppress appetite                                         

- - Help improve satiety

- - Promote healthy weight management                 

- - Support metabolic balance and health

- - Help maintain normal blood sugar levels             

- - Maintain normal insulin activity

- - Help maintain healthy cholesterol levels             

- - Support cardiovascular health


Those hard to lose weight:

Postpartum mom

Lack of time for exercise

Can't help with big appetite

Belly caused by long-time sitting

Outside food eaters and foodies


The features of Coffee Latte:

Combining nearly 200 different experiments, it was concluded that coffee can reduce the incidence of heart disease, some cancers, dementia, depression, type 2 diabetes, gout and other diseases, reduce the risk of all-cause death, and effective in maintaining healthy body.


Arabica coffee

- - Coffee will increase some fat breakdown related hormone levels, such as epinephrine, and make the body more effective in burning fat.

- -Coffee can also significantly improve your exercise endurance, muscle strength and improve athletic performance

- - Drinking coffee after exercise can also reduce muscle loss caused by muscle soreness (DOMS) after exercise, helping you in better recovering.


Ingredients List :

Non Diary Creamer, Arabica Coffee Powder, African Mango Extract, L-carnitine and Guarana Extract.


African mango Extract

- - Help to inhibit body fat production.

- - African mango Extract increases adiponection, an enzyme promoting the body to use fat for


- - High dietary fiber content may lower cholesterol, which could equate to weight loss.



- - Transporting fatty acids into cells mitochondria.

- - In order, helps body to produce energy by utilizing the body’s fat stores.

- - Helps to enhance fat metabolism.


Guarana Extract

- - Rich in caffeine.

- - Help to increase metabolic rate.

- - Aids to depress appetite eventually decrease your calorie intake.


Direction :

Mix 1 sachet with 100-150ml of hot water. Consume 1 sachet daily as breakfast.


Storage :

- - Store in a cool, dry place.

- - Do not expose direct to sunlight.

- - Keep out of reach of children.


Serving Size

15 grams




Tropi Cafe Latte 2X

RM 230.00 Harga Biasa
RM 200.00Harga Jualan
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