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Coffee Latte - - High-quality reduced-fat coffee

Coffee Latte is a classic blend of espresso and milk. A high-quality coffee latte is slightly bitter, with a rich taste, from milky to coffeey, with distinct levels.  Coffee Latte is properly blended using 3 fine natural plant ingredients such as African Mango Extract, L-Carnitine and Guarana Extract. 3 + 1 fat-breaking formula, you can enjoy "slimming effect" with it, Coffee Latte makes you extremely satisfy both physically and mentally!


Mango DX

Effective detoxification and slimming power

Mango DX is a gentle and powerful nutritional formula designed for daily detoxification while maintaining gut health. The mango flavour and natural formula is made with the combination of various fibers and fat-reducing food ingredients, which is specially developed for you with weak gastrointestinal function!


The sweet and sour taste giving unique romantic tropical style, which make it a perfect detoxification product with nice visual, nice smell, nice taste and full of nutrition. Through natural process of eliminating body metabolism waste and toxins, increase every detoxification pathways in order to restore the physiological vitality and overall health.

1 Greendox Mango + 1 Tropi Cafe Latte

RM230.00 Regular Price
RM200.00Sale Price
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